2017 is the Year I Kick Negativty in the Ass

Just before getting ready to write this post, I deactivated my Twitter account. As famously stated before, “Girl, bye.”

I’ve had enough. For all of you who personally enjoy Twitter, that’s great, because I enjoy some of the features on there as well. There’s funny memes, news updates (perfect for people who don’t watch TV) and intriguing videos.

However, like many social media platforms, Twitter can be petty af. It’s overly sexualized, full of immature dudes ready to smash and loads of people who seem more inspired by ass than ambition.

Folks, it’s time we focus on things that are going to bring us happiness. This means cutting everything out of our lives that isn’t contributing to our growth and well being. To remain happy, I’m now realizing that it takes work on our parts and what we consume has a tremendous effect on our self esteems.

I’m a twenty something, so if you know any others or you are a twenty something yourself, there is a rapid amount of growth that can take place from a year to even just a few months. You are discovering who you are and you may even be in a season of being completely lost with who you are. I know because that is my current season.

Nonetheless, when you are lost you are often vulnerable to your environments and like a sponge you can soak up any and anything, especially things that aren’t contributing to your success.

For me, I need to just not let social media and other distractions get the best of me. It’s all in how you use these platforms. The new year is often a time to set new goals and reach new heights but we can’t do this if we aren’t focused on things that can take us to the next level.

As for now, I feel free. The bullshit I have been seeing on Twitter is a reminder that sometimes we need to seriously declutter and regroup in order to get hold of our best selves.

Happiness takes work. Doing our inner work is important and I needed that ever so timely reminder.


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