It Won’t Go Away Overnight, but Eventually You Will Stop Comparing

Comparison is real and has been the truth for us all.

I don’t care how much you want to avoid that little voice in the back of your mind that says you are far beyond it and confident people never compare.

But the truth of the matter is this: we have all compared ourselves to other people at one point or the other in our lives and let me tell you, it just gets worse as you get older.

Everyone’s life around you seems to be improving and thriving before your eyes. Your friend just got into a relationship, trips are being taken and the evidence is splashed across your Instagram timeline.

I have definitely been one to compare myself to people and I can tell you from now it will do NOTHING for you. You will still be you after you are done comparing and you most certainly won’t feel good about yourself and your epic accomplishments. Now I know you may be thinking that you have heard this over and over again and it just seems like words formed on paper, but this truthful advice only sinks in with time. It is just starting to sink in for me. You will have your moments where you will feel annoyed, jealous ,perhaps, that everyone around you seems to be better off than you are. But then the feeling will pass and the realization that you are an amazing person will sink in.

But then the feeling will pass and the realization that you are an amazing person will sink in.

You will begin to realize how far you have come and will look at yourself the way you would look at a friend; perfect and absolutely amazing. You will begin to love yourself and cherish YOUR path and all that is to come for you. Because at the end of the day, what is for you will be yours and it will be incredible. Most importantly, it won’t look like anyone else’s.

You will also finally, finally, think to yourself that you aren’t being kind to who you are and your journey is the way it is for a reason. And with this thought, you will ask yourself why the hell you even wanted to compare yourself to anyone in the first place.

So yes, it seems like everyone is ahead of you, but remember that you don’t know everyone’s story and their secret battles. You are travelling on the path that will take you to where you need to be and damn it, that’s all that matters.

It won’t be peaches and cream from here and you may find yourself comparing again tomorrow and again another day, but you will eventually come back to who you are and remember that you are awesome because of all you can do and that all you have been through.

You will remember that in someone else’s eyes, your life is what they sometimes wish for themselves.

We all compare and honestly, it hurts us more than anything. It’s destructive, a waste of time and doesn’t bring us any more closer to where we need to be going.

So along with you I might slip up again, but let’s just remember that to focus on the road ahead of us we can find ourselves and be awesome, feel awesome. And this my friend, beats being someone else any day.


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