You’re Only One Person: It’s Ok to Feel Sad About Life Sometimes


Caution* Extremely Real Read Ahead*

If someone would have told me years earlier how tough it is to be a twenty-something at times, I think I would have had a funeral particularly for my childhood. I would light my candles, invite all of my friends, order some bomb ass food, and we would celebrate being carefree and in the moment as a naive, young soul. I am still a naive, young soul today, but as a twenty-something my awareness of life and its challenges have obviously evolved and I am not afraid to admit that some days I just want to cry.

I want to cry because I still don’t know who I am in a society that places so much expectations on who I should be, and then of course, there is school and work and all the changes and adjustments that go along with that.

For some, the tone of this article may seem a little too real or perhaps even depressing, but I’m the type of writer who keeps it all the way real. So if you are new here, I welcome you to unedited and unfiltered chats .

But that’s besides the point.

The reason why I want to vent today, is to remind you that you are an incredible human being who is doing the best you can at life and you don’t need to apologize for your low moments of confusion, a mini identity crisis, or even epic meltdowns.

Change and growth is not easy. It especially isn’t easy when you have no control over every aspect of your life. You can’t control that you might have lost your job recently or that you are single and feel hella lonely sometimes. You can control how you react to certain circumstances in life, but full control may not always be possible.

As annoying as this may sound, I want you to know that despite all of your pitfalls you are still all you can be and more as a person. Absolutely no human being has a smooth journey on this earth. I don’t give a f*ck how perfect all your friends look on Instagram, because let me tell you, they go through struggles too. Thank yourself for being brave enough to admit it.

A smooth life all the time is what we want, but sometimes challenges are meant to shake us up for the better.

You’re strong and won’t break.

Keep on fighting beautiful.


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