Life Isn’t What We Expect It to Be, but the Journey Counts

           “The journey may be difficult, but we find out who we are in the end.”


I’m not sure if you are into astrological signs or not, but I am. Not in a crazy obsessed, “I follow my horoscope daily” type of way, but I do believe that our signs represent us in certain ways. For me, I’m a Pisces, meaning I’m a dreamer and a creative soul by nature.

This can be a good and a bad thing because on a positive note, I think outside of the box and my creative nature can be useful when I put my energy into personal projects, school assignments, and any other creative little gig that comes to my mind. I can think of exciting, alluring things that often do come to life because I am very imaginative. On the flip side, Pisces people do live inside their heads a lot. We have an extremely hard time staying present in the here and now because we are always jumping to the next step and thinking about what our lives could be.

For all my Pisces girls out there, keep those dreams, but come back to life sometimes babe. Because in the real world, we never truly know what life will throw at us. When we have hopes that school or work will go smoothly, it may not be so. I had a job the other day and just when I thought everything was perfect, I had to quit because it wasn’t the right fit.

This sort of thing can especially be super annoying when you put all your time and energy into finding the right job. But at at the end of the day, it’s all learning. I’m still here, living, and I still have a chance to find something new. That’s the beauty of life. It’s super hard for me to except this though, because like I said, I always have a plan in my mind of how things should be going and when it doesn’t meet up to my standards, I feel like everything is crashing down. I guess we all can learn from this and realize that we don’t plan our lives fully, but for a good percentage of it, we have to adapt to what has been put before us. It will take some time, but we’ll get there. The journey may be difficult, but we find out who we are in the end.


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